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Welcome To The Pillars Of The Earth Wiki

Welcome to The Pillars of the Earth Wiki!

This Wiki will cover everything from Pillars of the Earth, and its sequel, World Without End to the TV series that follow them!

Get stuck in. Put up a character page. Write something about the plot. This Wiki needs users to really get started!

We need a massive Wiki by the end of this. Absolutely MASSIVE! Please write a sentence, start a page or ask a question. I'd love to really get everything up and running, but for that I need help. So, like I said, just make 1 edit. It'll take a second and the Wiki will be that much better off.

Flynn10:53, September 9, 2012 (UTC)


At the moment I'm looking for dedicated Users to come on up and become an Admin on this Wiki. The only requirement is that you have to like The Pillars of the Earth and/or World Without End, and be willing to write some stuff about them. Make an edit and send me (Harry Flynn) a message! And then I'll basically promote you. Simple right?

Creating or Editing a page

It's pretty simple. At the moment the only pages with real structure are the Character Pages. If you want to create one, check out the other Characters to get an idea on what one looks like. The Info Box used for Pillars Characters (World Without End as well) is called Info Box: Character/doc. It's easy to see in the Templates Menu. I welcome any questions you have though! feel free to ask. The strange colour used for Info Boxes is #B87333.

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